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Jurk I don't care

Donkergrijze Sweater jurk met kleine funny prints. Watch and learn, honey, I'm in control of myself again. I don't care about your bullshit, I know my own truth. Oh how sweet is this feeling of freedom, you got no chance no more.

€89,95 €10,00

Jurk Be All Mine

Zwarte sweater jurk met geborduurde Be all Mine artwork. Gemaakt van een mooi soepele en super zachte kwaliteit. Zodra je hem aan hebt wil je hem niet meer uit! I'm all yours if you're all mine <3 Be all mine, and let's loose our minds together.

€89,95 €10,00

Jurk Too Young

Lange donkergrijze trui met Too Young print. Kan gedragen worden als jurk. I'm not ready for this commitment! We are way too young to talk about that. Forever is a long time.. You know!?

€89,95 €10,00

Jurk Copyright

Zwart t-shirt jurkje met tekst print. Beware I can play it hard! Don't like what you see? Too bad for you... I will copyright you untill you surrender.

€59,95 €10,00

Jurk Blow a Kiss

Zwart, wit gestreepte jurk met een korte mouw. Op de borst zit een button artwork met een met witte tekst print. I blow you a kiss goodbye, It's my time to shine now. I'm fierce and I'm loving It! Never doubt yourself, you can do whatever you want!

€69,95 €10,00

Jurk Go Bad

Zwart wit gestreepte jurk met klein geprint tekstje. Always follow your heart, make sure you will do everything for love. Even GO BAD for LOVE. Sometimes it's worth it! For the hot days this dress is really perfect! Nice loose fit with a small but

€59,95 €10,00


Zwart tanktop jurkje met print. Always be a number 01. Don't wait for it to happen, work for it! Nothing feels better than becoming a number 1 and knowing that you deserved it the most. Fight for that spot. This cool dress matches perfectly wit

€49,95 €10,00

Jurk Wake Me Up in LA

Zwart t-shirt mesh jurkje met witte tekst print. Smile! Wearing this shirt makes you feel like you just woke up in L.A. Where the sun shines bright and the people party hard! A place where people show theirselves and try the hardest to become who the

€64,95 €10,00
Jurk Head High

Jurk Head High

Donker grijze jurk met tekst print. Remember to keep your HEAD HIGH gorgeous! You won't see me fall..

€54,95 €10,00

Jurk Not Yours

Donkergrijs strechy tanktop jurkje met subtiele print. I'm not yours baby, I'm my own. I'm a rockstar, and I'm rocking It with myself. The people who love me and who want to be there, will be, but I'll be never your or anyone's possession.

€69,95 €10,00

Jurk Brutal Love

Zwart tanktop jurkje met donkere print. "We had this brutal love going on, with sweet revenges, but I don't need your mad love anymore. I choose myself and my own happiness instead".

€69,95 €10,00

Sweater jurk Dazzling L.A.

Sweater Jurk met witte en grijze Dazzling L.A. print. Gemaakt in een super zachte sweater kwaliteit.

€89,95 €10,00