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Sweater Dress Funky

Black spotted sweater dress with small 'Funky' embroidery on chest.


Sweater Dress Dazzling L.A.

Sweater Dress with white Dazzling L.A. print. This sweater dress is made of a very soft fabric.


Sweater Lose Our Minds

black long sweater with white embroidery


Dress I don't care

Dark grey Sweater dress with small funny prints. Watch and learn, honey, I'm in control of myself again. I don't care about your bullshit, I know my own truth. Oh how sweet is this feeling of freedom, you got no chance no more.


Dress Too Young

Dark Grey sweater dress with Too Young print. You can wear it as a dress. I'm not ready for this commitment! We are way too young to talk about that. Forever is a long time.. you know!?


Sweater Dress Be All Mine

Black sweater dress with embroidery Be all Mine artwork. This dress is made of a very beautiful and soft fabric. Once you wear it you don't want to wear anything else! I'm all yours if you're all mine <3 Be all mine, and let's loose our minds togeth